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Some Great Volcano Links

Hi, here are some pretty cool links related to volcanology. This is not a comprehensive volcano web link list, I know that. I just wanted to list the most interesting sites. Some have a much more comprehensive web link list.

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If you wanna open your own e-mail address that looks like "", this is the place to go. I’ve been testing their system for three years now, and so far so good. Just sign up for free and enjoy!

Michigan Tech' Volcano Web Page

This is the mother page of the Volcano Group in Michigan (Houghton, Upper Peninsula) hosted by the Michigan Technological University (MTU). It is one of the first website about volcanology and still pretty good. By the way, if you wanna do a Master or a Ph.D., I think they’re looking for new grad’ students … so, if you wanna take up challenges, apply here. You’re highly welcomed !!! You may also see cool web pages from previous and current Grad’ students … see how they struggle (like me!!) for getting their research done.

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How Volcanoes Work?

This an amazing website, and it looks like one of the most awarded one (with Volcano World website). I think it deserves its awards. You’ll find everything you need to know about everything on volcanoes, absolutely everything … and if in the unlikely case, you have not found what you want, see their volcano link webpage, which is the most comprehensive and organized link web page I know … This huuuge website is maintained by Dr. Vic Camp from San Diego State University. A must to be seen!

The Volcano World

A great general purpose website devoted to volcanology and maintained by a bunch of great professional and real volcanologists. It must be seen! In addition, this is the home website of "ask a volcanologist" where a while ago, anyone could ask any question to a real volcanologist. Unfortunately, they have discontinued this service. I guess they were overwhelmed with questions from the public and could not deal with it anymore. It is real too bad!!! I really hope, we, volcanologists, all together, might take up again this great project. Anyway, you can find on this website a huge F.A.Q. about volcanoes and volcanology. Some questions are pretty interesting.

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The Volcano Cloud Website

Everything you wanna know about volcanic cloud, plinian column, and remote sensing is there. This site is maintained by the Michigan Tech’ University. It is particularly opened to the public, you can even find pretty basic stuffs about fluid mechanics. Worth visiting it! Good place to learn (the webmaster is still my Ph.D. advisor, sooo I’d better like it !!!!).

Explore Italian Volcanoes

This the volcano Web Site in English and Italian of one of the main leading group in Italy. Interesting reviews and accounts of the major past eruptions in Italy (e.g., Vesuvius AD79) as well as volcanology seen throughout human History. For those who wanna know all about volcanology in Italy, this is definitely a good hang out place.

Laboratoire des Magmas et des Volcans

This is the volcano Web Site in French of one of the main leading group in France in volcanology.

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This the "International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior" official home page. All about this organization entirely devoted to volcanology.

Great web link list about specific volcanoes around the world and good to get general information about volcanoes.

The Latest Update of Current Eruptions

Do you want to know what volcano is currently active for your next vacation? Then this is the place to go.

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Volcanoes OnLine

Another great website! It is maintained by High-School teachers and students from different continents. Great information about volcanoes and volcanology. It is a good place to start to learn. Particularly recommended for secondary school students and those who know nothing about volcanology. To me it is the right example of a great international, multidisciplinary, and multi-cultural work between great people. This site is in English and in Dutch.

USGS Volcano Page

All about volcanology viewed by the "U.S. Geological Survey". They also have cool links and pictures. However, you must be patient for finding what you want in this huge USGS maze.

Fire and Mud Mt. Pinatubo Book

Do you wanna know all about of one of the greatest eruptions of the last century? Go there: the whole book about Mt. Pinatubo is there on the net, available to anyone (for free !!). Great job! and bravo to USGS and PHIVOLCS people who made it available to us. For some reasons, sometimes this link can be terribly slow, so be patient.

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