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A little word from your granular webmaster

[Your dear Web Master visiting the Volcanism in Eiffel Museum, Germany. Courtesy of Alain Bernard, April 2001]

Howdy !

Yes, it is me in case you wanna know how I look like. I am Sébastien Dartevelle, former Ph.D. student at Michigan Technological University (MTU). I guess you have understood that I study physical-volcanology, mainly physical and statistical processes involving grains … Besides that, I have been a Middle-School and High-School teachers of Mathematics and Sciences in Belgium and in California. Hence, you should not be surprised if I say that I am highly interested in education, specially how to present highly challenging materials in simple but accurate ways… This is the whole goal of this website!!

I believe that the Web encourages sharing, cooperation, openness, and also team-working. My Ph.D. research belongs to this new Web-spirit and openness. Science can only be successful if it is first opened to anyone. Believe me, I will make sure it will be that way, at least, because I aim success and I live with my time (I even try to be a little bit ahead of it).

However, I acknowledge that right now this website is rather aiming a highly educated public since its content is for sure not easy to grasp at first. Hopefully, when I’ll find time I’ll write easier fluid dynamic WebPages that can be read by a even larger public … On the other hand, fluid dynamic and applied mathematics to physics and geophysics will never be easy to understand right on the spot, I guess that’s why it is enticing sciences because it’s a little bit demanding (after all, we don’t want to be bored, right?) …

Now, education, sciences, supercomputer modeling, and setting up website ain’t my whole life (even though, it takes a good part of it), I am also a guitar and renaissance lute player, a Bluegrass and Old Time music fan and I travel extensively, and … the rest is private business.


Hope to meet you soon, and, please, sign my Guest Book.



Your Web Master,
(Sébastien Dartevelle).

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[Courtesy of Valérie Dartevelle]

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